Organizations may submit grant applications year-round; however, the Trustees will only review applications during their quarterly meetings. Please submit all inquiries to

Proposals are considered quarterly, each spring, summer, fall and winter. If the application deadline falls on a federal holiday or weekend, applications are due by 5:00 p.m. ET on the preceding business day.

Spring application deadline: April 1

Summer application deadline: July 1

Fall application deadline: October 1

Winter application deadline: December 30


Click here to request access to the application. If this link does not work for you, please email and request a link to the grant application.

Enter the following information on the online form:

  1. Organization Description
    • Include the organization’s history, goals, principal accomplishments, and list of current Board of Directors and staff.
  2. Proposal
    • Provide a brief description of your project and attach a formal proposal.
  3. Referral Information
    • How did your organization find out about the Linn Foundation?
  4. Is your organization a past grant recipient of the Ruby W. and LaVon P. Linn Foundation? (Yes or No)
  5. Note: the contact person for the organization and the email address provided must be the person responsible for the application.


    1. Formal Proposal
    2. Budget
    3. List of current board of directors
    4. Resume of person overseeing the project
    5. Financial statements for the last fiscal year clearly indicating all funding sources and expenses of the organization
    6. Letter on the organization’s letterhead affirming status as a current public charity and signed by the organization’s director
    7. IRS tax-exemption letter (current copy)
    8. Most recent Form 990
    9. Other attachments, if applicable

    The applicant will receive an automated email confirming that the application was submitted successfully. In addition to the online form, please mail one single-sided paper copy of your application, along with all required attachments, to the address below. Please do not include staples, bindings, brochures or other items that differ from those listed above.

    The Ruby W. and LaVon P. Linn Foundation
    c/o Choate Hall & Stewart LLP
    Two International Place
    Boston, MA 02110